MiX16 PRO Theatre Show System is a macOS application for professional audio, video, image and lighting support in a theatre show or live performance.

Version 10

" I am running the audio for a broadway class, musical production and needed an app that could handle multiple channels playing simultaneously,
loading lots of cues for music and sound effects (upwards of 150), easily nagivate bettwen cues and set the sound level independently for each cue.
And most important - run stable. And the support is first class!"

MiX16 Show Cue

MiX16 Show Cue is the first universal iPadOS, iOS and macOS application for professional audio, video, image and lighting support in a theatre show or live performance.

The same look and feel on all supported operating systems and devices.
The first show business app on the market that gives you control over the entire show by phone.

The next generation of show business apps.

iMiX16 Pro

iMiX16 Pro Theatre Show System is an iPad application for professional audio, video and image support in a theatre show or live performance.

"I wish I had back the 35+ bucks I spent on other apps hoping to find one that does what this one does.
If you want to control multiple cues with the ability to play sound files simultaneously and cross-fade this is the app.
Simple, totally intuitive interface."

iMiX16 Remote

iMiX16 Remote is an iPhone application for remote control iMiX16 apps over WiFi.

"One year ago i experienced iMiX 16, and become very contented. And soon after i upgrated to the PRO.
Now i have purchaced iMiX16 PRO 64. I think its my favorite Apps.
It is an awesome tool, for performance in a number of entertainment tasks."

MIDIPlayer X

MIDIPlayer X will play any MIDI file to your choice of available MIDI outputs, either hardware or software, or to its own built-in GM-compatible virtual synth.
Now supported by MiX16 PRO for macOS.

Powered by MethodRed.

"MIDIPlayer X has a host of features that give you control over playback, plus some MIDI file editing to customize your song, and it let's you save your edits to a new MIDI file, all with an intuitive ease of use."

Audio Ape Remote & Media Monkey Remote

Great remote devices for controlling your show. Now supported by MiX16 APPS.

"Audio Ape Remote is devoted to freeing performers from unnecessary rehearsals, incompetent sound techs, and costly embarrassment by providing a simple, elegant remote that works with all leading OSX and iOS cueing applications."

Audio Hijack

Audio Hijack is a powerful utility for recording any audio on macOS. Now supported by MiX16 PRO for macOS.

"Audio from individual applications like Safari or Skype, hardware audio devices like microphones and mixers, and even the entire system audio output, can all be saved. Simply put, if it can be heard on macOS, Audio Hijack can record it.
More recently, Audio Hijack has gained the ability to stream audio out to others, using popular services like YouTube live and Twitch. The Live Stream and Broadcast blocks make it easy for podcasters to create live feeds, musicians to showcase their work, and much more."